Carmen Jany

Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

California State University
Department of World Languages and Literatures
San Bernardino, CA 92407-2393


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  • Chimariko: I recently completed a grammatical description of Chimariko, an extinct Northern California language, within an areal-typological perspective. This work is mainly based on materials collected by J. P. Harrington in the 1920s. An abstract and table of contents for the grammar can be found here. For a description of Chimariko's stress system and for Chimariko sound files go here. For articles and presentations related to Chimariko see Publications and Conferences respectively.
    I am currently working on a project to create and examine a corpus of Chimariko narratives based on the Harrington materials. For a description of the proposed project go here.

  • San Juan Bosco Chuxnabán Mixe: A major project I started in 2005 invloves the documentation and description of San Juan Bosco Chuxnabán Mixe spoken by about nine hundred people in one village in the eastern midlands of Oacaxa, Mexico. At the moment, I am working on a web-based trilingual Mixe-English-Spanish dictionary database which includes information about the phonetics and phonology of Chuxnabán Mixe. The databse also features Mixe soundfiles and pictures form the area. Another related project concerns the phonetic analysis of vowel length and phonation contrasts in Chuxnabán Mixe, and, in particular, the examination of a possible three-way phonemic vowel length contrast.
    For articles and presentations related to Chuxnabán Mixe see Publications and Conferences respectively.
    I am currently working on the noun and verb morphology of Chuxnabán Mixe, as well as on a description of the stress system.
    Fieldwork: Summer 2006, Summer 2008

  • Auditory Modeling and Syllable Weight: I worked as a research assistant for Prof. Matthew Gordon on his NSF funded project Auditory Modeling and Syllable Weight from 2004 to 2007. A special software designed to quantify various auditory effects (e.g outer and middle ear filtering, temporal integration and adaptation, bandpass filtering) was developed for this project. We examined potential acoustic and perceptual correlates of syllable weight to see which one offers the best fit to phonological weight, mainly using data from four languages: Arabic and Hindi (where coda consonants are 'heavy' in terms of syllalbe weight) and Mongolian and Malayalam (where coda consonants are 'light' in terms of coda weight). Furthermore, we explored the relationship between quantifiable sonority effects and syllable weight and may conduct further research on sonority.
  • Serrano: I am currently in the planning phase of a collaborative teaching effort with Ernest Siva involving Endangered Languages and Serrano. Plans are also under way for collaboration with the Dorothy Ramon Learning Center in the preservation of Serrano, as well as in the development of teaching materials and electronic sources for the language.
Last updated: 03/27/2008