German 3

Spring 2003: Section 3

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Carmen Jany

Aktuell: Unterrichtsplan

  • Wochen 1-3: Kapitel 7: Man kann alles in der Stadt finden

    Grammatik: Expressing location and destination; talking about when events happen; talking about means of travel; expressing time, manner, and place; giving directions; expressing the purpose for an action

  • Wochen 4-7: Kapitel 8: An der Uni studieren

    Grammatik: Talking about activities we do for ourselves; talking about daily hygiene routines; talking about future events; expressing probability; specifying additional information about actions

  • Wochen 8-10: Kapitel 9: Arbeiten und Geld verdienen

    Grammatik: Providing additional information about people and topics; describing people and things; preparing for a job interview; expressing the city of origin; comparing people and things



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