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General Student Information

Feeling sick? Depressed? Anxious? Suspect you may have an eating disorder? Other problems? Stop by the Student Health CenterThe Counseling Center is located in the Health Center.

(As a regularly enrolled student at CSUSB, you pay a Student Health Fee and you are automatically eligible for health and counseling care at the Student Health and Psychological Counseling Center.)

Here is a link to the CSUSB Food Pantry.

Here is a link to the Veterans Success Center.

Here is a link to the Children's Center.

Here is a link to the Writing Center.

All students should know the University guidelines on plagiarism. See the CSUSB Catalog. Penalties include expulsion from school.

Here is information (from another university, but still helpful) on plagiarism.

Register to Vote.

A great financial aid page!


If you send me an e-mail (mdavidson @ csusb . edu), please put the class name in the subject (e.g. Phil 194).


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a very helpful resource for learning more about various philosophical topics.



Note that if you do not get a check on the short homework assignments, you may make them up. To do this, you must go to the Writing Center in UH-387. Work with them on the paper and turn in another copy with a note from the Writing Center saying that you have worked with them on the paper.

If you are in need of an accommodation for a disability in order to participate in class, please let me know ASAP and also contact Services to Students with Disabilities at UH-183, (909)537-5238.


What is a philosophy degree at CSUSB like?  What can I do with one?

Check out the CSUSB Philosophy Facebook Page


Fall 2016 Courses

Philosophy 194:  Introduction to Knowledge and Reality

Check your CSUSB e-mail for the logic reading for Tuesday 9/27


Cosmological Argument

Problem of Evil (Focus on parts with drawn lines next to them)


Hook: What is a Liberal Education (read pp. 137-164).

Philosophy 387:  Philosophy of Language


Handout on Kripkean Arguments

Register to Vote.

Make an informed choice when you vote. Get information here.

Get information on campaign contributions here or here.

Contact your elected representatives

Find Your Polling Place

Get Health Insurance Here

Argument Handout

How to read philosophy

Validity and Soundness


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