Symbolic Logic: An Accessible Introduction to Serious Mathematical Logic

In recent times, I have found myself expanding a set of notes into a full-fledged logic textbook.  This page includes links to the preface, along with parts corresponding to courses in sentential logic (Phil 200), and then the first and second volumes of the text (for Phil 300 and then Phil 400), along with a complete version of the text, all in the PDF format.   This is work in progress, and so subject to change.  I am happy for anyone to use this material -- I  request only that you forward me comments, positive or otherwise. (Fall 2018.)

Preface to the Textbook

Sentential Logic (SL): from the first parts of chapters 1 - 7 -- sufficent for Phil 200

Sentential Logic (for single sided)

Sentential Logic (for two sided)

Symbolic Logic: Volume I: all of chapters 1 - 8 -- sufficient for Phil 300

Symbolic Logic, Vol I (for single sided)

Symbolic Logic, Vol I (for two sided)

Symbolic Logic: Volume II: all of chapters 9 - 14 -- sufficient for Phil 400/metalogic and 400/incompleteness

Symbolic Logic, Vol II (for single sided)

Symbolic Logic, Vol II (for two sided)

Symbolic Logic: complete text

Symbolic Logic (for single sided)

Symbolic Logic (for two sided)

most recent version (the most up-to-date file)

Some other useful files:

Ruby recursive program files: running Ruby recursive1  

Turing machine files: running the simulator   state.rb   turing_machine.rb  suc.rb   blank.rb

If you are interested in LaTeX: getting started with LaTeX test.tex preamble.tex.